Miranda Lambert performs concert benefiting Humane Society

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - By Jamey Boyum - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Are you a Miranda Lambert or Humane Society fan? You can enjoy one to help the other at the third annual Cause for the Paws.

It is not cheap to keep pups healthy and happy until they find their permanent pet owners and no one knows that better than singer Miranda Lambert.

"Hi, East Texas! Miranda Lambert here inviting you to the third annual Cause for the Paws benefit concert at Villa di Felicita on May 15th," said the Lindale native.

"Miranda's going to be there along with Casey Musgraves, Whiskey Meyers, and Nan Kelly from Gac," said Miranda's dad, Rick Lambert.

"We've got ticket locations here at the Humane Society, KE Cellars at the French Quarter [and] Miranda's store in Lindale," said Gayle Helms, with the Humane Society.

"There's 800 tickets available and they're going fast," said Rick Lambert. "She wants to put on a full show. So they can see, to quote her, 'what she really does for a living.'"

"The last few years we've seen the acoustic side of her, but now we're going to see the full-blown slinging the hair and doing what she does best," said Helms. "So, I think when people come out there they're going to have a really good time and see a spectacular show. I think it's going to be a blow-out."

"Our job now is to find homes for these wonderful dogs and to save lives not to take lives," Helms added.

"Since it became a no-kill shelter she became even more passionate about it," Rick Lambert explained.

"We lost about $200,000 every year when we stopped the contracts with the city and the county, so for Miranda to come forward and donate her time is just amazing and that actually is helping us keep our doors open," said Helms.

"She has a puppy passion, big time," Rick Lambert said.

"It's from her heart and that makes a real big difference," said Helms.

You can be a pet-protector and partake in a particularly phenomenal personalized program all at the same time and help make more happy endings.

You can buy tickets to the concert to see Miranda Lambert by click here.

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