Drunk, underage and behind the wheel

By Courtney Lane - email

CAMP COUNTY (KLTV) - The sentence is in following a deadly wreck that left one person dead and another permanently injured.

Late Wednesday, jurors in Camp County gave 20-year old Dustin Reaves 4 years in prison for his part in a deadly night of drinking and driving.

Reaves had reportedly been drinking at a nightclub four months ago. He was driving when he noticed he was being followed by a police officer, sped up to lose him, then reportedly lost control, killing 21-year old Justin Sawyer.

Sawyer's girlfriend, Dana Gandy, was injured in the wreck.

Reaves attorney argued that Reaves suffered from post traumatic stress disorder after his 15 months of service in Iraq.

In addition to the prison sentence, Dustin Reaves was sentenced to 10 years of probation and community service, starting immediately.

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