Lufkin zoo announces birth of giraffe

Released by the Ellen Trout Zoo:

LUFKIN, TX - Spring has arrived at the Ellen Trout Zoo and so have some new animals, the natural way.

Tiwga, the zoo's older female Maasai giraffe gave birth to a bouncing, 5'10'', 127 pound, baby girl. This baby is Twigas first calf at the Ellen Trout Zoo so mom and baby, named Zuri-which is Swahili for beautiful or pretty-are currently off exhibit for bonding and to make sure Zuri is nursing. This birth brings the zoo's giraffe herd up to five; two moms, two calves and dad.

Also, you can see a new baby two-toed sloth on exhibit with its parents and a family group of Cotton-top Tamarins in the Small Animal Building. Other recent births include white-faced Sakis, a small South American primate, and alligator snapping turtles. It is always exciting at the zoo when spring arrives coupled with these new additions.