String Artist Ties Library Crowd In Knots

Tyler welcomed an artist this weekend who keeps his creations right on the tips of his fingers.

String artist Dave Titus was amazing the crowd Sunday at the Tyler Public Library. Titus was in town for the weekend, performing a concert of stories for the full house.

Titus has been a string artist for seven years, crossing the entire world telling his stories and providing his "string ministry." He hopes his string creations help to show kids they don't need electricity to inspire their imaginations.

"There are lots of ways to enjoy this world," Titus says. "Books are one way, TV is one way, watching and playing sports is another way, but sometimes when you are all alone, you've just got yourself, and that's enough too."

Titus, who lives in Oklahoma, just returned to America from an overseas tour of Europe, including performances in England and Latvia. He'll also be performing Monday at Grace Community schools.

Reid Kerr ( reporting.