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Toddler alone in street nearly hit by car say witnesses


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CHEROKEE COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas driver screeched to a halt when he approached something unexpected in the middle of a country road. He says a toddler was wandering, alone, in the intersection of County Road 3405 and 3408, near Mount Selman.

The 3-year-old girl was found all alone except for the tears rolling down her face and a dog in the bushes next to her.

"I was sitting here talking to a customer and I seen a truck swerve," said Brian Hood. "And so I come out here and peeked around the corner and I seen a little baby girl laying in the middle of the road."

Hood works for Hood Engine and Machine, located on the same corner the young girl was wandering. Stacy Anderson was driving the vehicle that nearly wrecked. He immediately started asking everyone in the area who the child belonged to.

"They asked both me and my customer if the baby was either one of ours, and we had said no," Hood said.

Finally, he located where the child was staying. It was a quarter of a mile down the road where she was roaming alone.

"The only way he was able to find it was because the small dog that was with her eventually went home and he saw the little dog sitting on the porch," said Kelton Hood, owner of Hood Engine and Machine.

We stopped by the home to ask relatives what had happened and why the child was alone in the road. But, there was no answer. Kelton Hood says the relative babysitting the toddler did not know she was missing.

"She said well that baby was a runaway," said Hood. "It was three years old! She didn't know a baby was capable of unlocking a dead bolt lock."

While the Cherokee County Sheriff's Department, the D.A.'s office, and CPS investigate the incident, the Hoods are thankful the little girl is alive.

"You will see that that is a real steep hill right there," said Kelton Hood. "If you come over it this way, you will never see a small child until you hit her."

It was the quick action of the East Texans that brought her to safety.

An investigator said the child is safe with a relative who was not at the residence at the time of the alleged incident. So far, no charges have been filed on the relative watching the toddler, or the toddler's mother.

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