Charity ATV ride in Kilgore

By Bob Hallmark - bio | email

Kilgore,TX (KLTV) - A three day off road event in Kilgore is dedicated to fun, getting dirty, and a little girls inspiration to help raise money for cancer research. It was about more than throwing mud and making dust fly at Rabbit Creek off road park today, as riders raised money for cancer research in the third annual charity ATV ride, all connected to an idea that a little girl came up with 6 years ago.

"This all started because she wanted to know why she didn't have a grand-daddy," says event organizer Jennifer Russell,"If a 3 year old can raise over $25,000 for the American Cancer Society, can't you join relay and raise a hundred."

The inspiration is 9 year old Brannon Russell, who at the age of 3 started asking people to give for cancer research, because her grandfather died of cancer before she ever knew him.

"I lost a grandfather to colon cancer and don't want anyone else to lose their grandparents or mothers or fathers or brothers or sisters," says Brannon.

The event offers unique contests like the duck snatch, driving a cone course wearing blurry beer goggles, and in general, getting dirty.

"My father died of colon cancer in 92," says event supporter Jason Brannon, "People that ride four wheelers can come do what they like and still give money by doing something that they like."

"I am so proud of her, how could you not be, how many 3 year olds look at you and say I want to be a fundraiser mom," says Jennifer.

"I want to make sure nobody gets cancer anymore," says 9 year old Brannon.

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