Frankston Students and Teacher Plant a Flag Garden

Next time you drive down highway 155 in Frankston, you'll notice a sea of flags. It's a huge display of patriotism by the Frankston schools.

Friday, hundreds of students and teachers in Frankston planted a garden of stars and stripes to show their support for our troops is unwavering. A single wreath was also placed in the Frankston school lawn to recognize the fallen heroes in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

"Both of my parents have been previously involved in Desert Storm and I've always been brought up to be patriotic," says Korina Hurd. "But, it helps the younger kids and kids my age, even the high school kids just really understand what we're doing."

Many of the students from Frankston wanted to publicly demonstrate they're not too young to understand the sacrifice the men and women in the military are making in Iraq.

"Because the troops aren't much older than I am so you have to think about that and they make this country as great as it is," says Kyle Swisher.

About 800 American flags were planted in front of the Frankston schools Friday afternoon. Several local military men were on hand giving the students a live image of who they're supporting. And the students in Frankston can identify with many of the soldiers overseas. One of their principals reminded them the average age of the soldiers is 19 which is just a few years older than most of them.

Dana Dixon, reporting.