East Texas headed to pinnacle of PT

By Coleman Swierc

TYLER, TEXAS (KLTV) - Brian Abadie will soon be teaching the very best athletes in the world.

The Athens native has been hired at the prestigious Michael Johnson Performance Center in Dallas.

The center is known as the very best in the country, as athletes like Larry Fitzgerald, Michael Crabtree and several other NFL, NBA along with various other college stars workout there.

The 24-year-old Abadie moves to Dallas after a 1 year stint at Accelerate Performance here in Tyler.

"What he is doing, is taking himself from here, in Tyler, to maybe the most elite training facility in the nation for performance enhancement," said Bobby Stroupe, owner of APEC, who worked with Abadie recently, "I would be like someone who is big in the internet getting a job with Google right off the bat."

The Johnson Performance Center is so elite, that athletes pay upward of $25,000 for a six-week program, and only employs 5 trainers at the facility.

Abadie was a standout athlete at Athens High School, before playing basketball and attending TCU.

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