7 On Your Side: Woman says job service didn't deliver

ARP, TX (KLTV) - By Morgan Chesky - bio | email

ARP, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas woman who is out of work is now out some money after paying a company for a job service she says it did not deliver.

It was an ad offering good jobs with good pay that got Glenda Mowles excited.

"It was, "'Whoo-hoo! That would be good!'" said Mowles.

So the single mother of three, out of work for months, made the call.

"Initially, [they] told me they could find me a job set me up an interview and all I would have to do is go to the interview," said Mowles.

But, not without a price. Mowles paid $79.95 for a packet she was told contained a list of open government jobs. Three weeks later it arrived - pages of jobs with no contact information and an application.

"This is the application that they told me they could send out to these places so that they would be able to contact me for an interview," said Mowles.

She was given an ID and a phone number, leading to another offer and costing more money.

"They say, 'You send us more money, we send you more job listings,'" said Mowles. "Well, I don't have any more money."

Mowles canceled the service before being charged more - a move others did not make as quickly.

"It looks legitimate and it may be good information, but you don't have to buy this," said Mechele Mills, with the Better Business Bureau.

We showed the packet to Mills.

"It's a lie," said Mills. "You have no better chance getting a job with the government by paying money to a company than you would with any other legitimate job."

It is a claim that has lead to 128 complaints over the last 36 months and an "F" rating for American Data Group or Frontier Publishing.

We called the number on their website and spoke to operator 187 who explained they helped people navigate the often confusing government job website. We found it easy to use. It is an online tool Glenda Mowles wishes she had known of earlier.

"I have been unable to find a job it took so long for this to get here and they're leading me on," said Mowles. "My electricity got shutoff about two days ago...Had they held up their end of the deal when I initially started this whole thing, I would have a job now."

We contacted Frontier Publishing, the American Data Group for a response about the complaints filed, but were told there was no one available to comment.

Hundreds of companies offer government job search services, but there is only one official government job website, and it is free: http://www.usajobs.gov/

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