Hallsville Teachers Get a Pleasant Surprise

20 Hallsville teachers got a surprise Friday morning.

Each were awarded grants from the Hallsville ISD Education Foundation.

Each teacher applied for the grants.

The foundation looks for teachers who are innovative and are trying to enhance educational goals of the district.

The grants totalled more than $6,500.

The teachers who received grants were:

Larry Staggs, Don Whyte, Jerry Dillard, Sherry Morgan, Karen Blackmon, Mike Whyte, Terri Nalls, Toni Williams, Jan Hopkins, Mandy Andrews, Piper Bradford, Renee Cloud, Debbie Sterling, Sandy Turner Loretta Storey, Jane Hart, Donna Howard, Susan Miller, Christi Goldston, Jeanine Scale, Tracy McDonald & Cathy Jones.

Amy Tatum, reporting.