Board restricts license of Michael Jackson's doctor

Released by the Texas Medical Board:

On April 9, 2010, the Board and Conrad Murray, M.D., entered into an Agreed Order of Restriction that prohibits Dr. Murray from using or administering any anesthetic agent that is normally administered by an anesthesiologist, including Propofol or any other heavy sedatives; or prescribing or administering any form of general sedation to a patient. Dr. Murray is prohibited from supervising or delegating prescriptive authority to physician assistants and other physician extenders.

The Agreed Order does not prohibit Dr. Murray from prescribing or utilizing other medications, including pain medication, anti-anxiety medication or local or topical anesthetics. In addition, Dr. Murray is allowed to be part of a medical team providing Propofol or other heavy or general anesthetic as long as Dr. Murray does not personally administer or prescribe them.

The action is based on the Board's finding that Dr. Murray is subject to criminal charges in California related to possible non-therapeutic prescribing that resulted in the death of a patient. Dr. Murray had his medical license temporarily restricted in California as a condition of bond.

The license restrictions remain in effect until the criminal allegations in California are resolved and the Board has adequate evidence to show that Dr. Murray is competent to safely practice medicine.

The Texas Medical Board, the state agency that regulates physicians, physician assistants, surgical assistants and acupuncturists, provides consumer protection through licensure, investigation and disciplinary action. The Board, under President Irvin Zeitler, M.D., and Executive Director Mari Robinson, J.D., and mandated by the Medical Practice Act, is strengthening and accelerating the disciplinary process for licensees who fail to meet the required standards of professional proficiency and behavior. Information on filing a complaint is on the agency web site at  or by calling (800) 201-9353.