Pipe bombs may stem from government frustrations

By Layron Livingston - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - bio | email

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Authorities could not say much, but they did say North's motive may have been two-fold.

"Disenchanted with the government, one, and he was disenchanted with an individual he perceived wronged him with money," said Brit Featherston, with the U.S. attorney's Tyler office.

Featherston said North received a large settlement from a work injury several years ago.

"From what I heard, a tree fell on top of him...he had a back injury," said Armando Enriquez.  His family lives down the street from North.  Enriquez said he remembers hearing about North losing a large amount of money because of problems with a local bank.

Rusk County court records revealed North had an account with General Savings Association in Henderson, Texas.   Sources told us North's settlement money from the accident was deposited into an uninsured account.

General Savings Association no longer exists.  We're told the bank eventually went under and North may have lost close to a million dollars.

"He never said anything about it," said Enriquez.

Sources also said the head of the savings and loan was Mark Hale.  Hale was sentenced to three years for savings and loan fraud in 1991, but was later pardoned by former President George W. Bush in 2006.

Sources and authorities believe the situation may have led North to allegedly build and plant more than 30 devices across East Texas.

Rusk County authorities confirmed one of the pipe bombs was found in a Lake Cherokee neighborhood.

State records show Mark Hale, the former head of General Savings Association, reportedly has a home on the Lake Cherokee.

Melissa Enriquez and her family described North - their neighbor and friend - as a kind person.

"A five minute conversation always turned into a two hour conversation," she said.

"He was there for anybody that needed help," said Armando.

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