State fighting Giant Salvinia, educating boaters

LAKE FORK, TX (KLTV) - The state is taking a new step to keep East Texas lakes from being choked out by Salvinia.

Thursday, Texas Parks and Wildlife announced a major campaign, aimed at stopping the weed.

Salvinia has hit 17 Texas lakes, but the cold winter has cleared some lakes. If left unchecked, the plants can choke off boating and fishing at entire lakes.

"People can look on their trailers when they pull their boats out, anything that comes in contact with the water," said Kelly Jordan, a pro bass angler. "Just to know what it is and be mindful of that. It just takes a second to look and inspect your equipment and please don't transport this really terrible aquatic plant to other lakes."

Wildlife officials also gave us a link for you to learn more about Salvinia and what lakes are at risk. Click here to check it out.

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