Rusk home searched for bomb materials

By Bob Hallmark - bio | email

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV) - While Larry North's arrest was going on in Tyler, postal inspectors set up a command post in Rusk County, where he lives. That command post went up near County Roads 401 and 407, near Davis Cemetery.

Evacuations were carried out for the neighbors safety. As truckloads of agents arrived to search North's home, neighbors were still trying to make sense of what he'd been charged with.

"Weeks ago we had the incidents where people were burning down the churches that got everybody antsy and now the pipe bomb scare has got people apprehensive about going an looking in their mail boxes," says North's neighbor Mark Gibson.

A 1-mile square area was closed off around North's home.

"Makes you wonder who is living down and what they're doing behind closed doors," Gibson says.

He was known and liked by many who knew him as the man who drove the children's train at the Henderson Syrup Festival every year.

"He'll wave and act like a real friendly man," says neighbor Paul Duncan.

Neighbors say North collected a large settlement from an accident 20 years ago that left him in a wheelchair, but lost it in a bank failure. Still, they never figured he would do something like this.

"You wouldn't put the two together just by seeing him and talking to him speaking to him , no," says Duncan.

For many it left them with doubts about who North was.

"I guess it just goes to show you the old saying you don't never know who your neighbor is," Duncan says.

ATF and postal agents have not released what, if anything, was found at North's home.

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