The ultimate pressure pitch

By Coleman Swierc

HENDERSON, TEXAS (KLTV) -  If you go to a Henderson baseball game this season there's a good chance you'll get caught speeding.

At every Lions game, there's too many radar guns to count.

Case in point, when Lions ace right hander Tyrel Jenkins took the mound against Lindale on Tuesday, 23 Major League Baseball scouts were in attendance.

According to an Arizona Diamondbacks scout, Jenkins is the top pitching prospect in East Texas.

He throws in the 90's, and every game has to deal with a big league following.

His mom Sharon Thurmond is always in the stands and couldn't be prouder.

She still hasn't gotten used to all the attention though.

"There are only 30 MLB teams," said Thurmond, "And every game, I can count 25, 26 or so in the stands, so it is kind of nervous."

Jenkins has already signed with Baylor, but has the option of going pro when the MLB amatuer draft occurs this June.

He could go has high as the 1st round, but for Thurmond, the choice remains with her son.

"I am not going to catch any ball, or throw any ball, so the decision is completely up to him," she said, "We pray together and we talk about it, but the choice is his, and I will support him in whatever choice he makes."

She did say, that if he does go pro, to please let it be somewhere warm.

"He went to Kansas City earlier," she laughed, "And it was so cold, and I thought, 'Lord, please let us play somewhere warm'"

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