Horse that was dragged will survive, says vet

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PITTSBURG, TX (KLTV) - Vets say the 3-year-old horse, Jody, who is believed to have been tied to a vehicle and dragged down a road, will survive.

Jody's owners discovered the horrible act Monday after Jody wandered from his home pasture and was returned nearly dead.

The Armstrong family says whoever did this did not do it to a pet, but to one of their own.

"That's about the worst I've seen and I've been in practice over 30 years," said veterinarian Dr. Daniel Kincaid.

Kincaid responded to find Jody in horrific condition. Wounds covered his entire side from an apparent dragging, leaving both horse and owner in shock.

Tuesday, still standing but barely able to move, Jody's road to recovery began with the return of his appetite.

"Doing better now that I can see he can move from yesterday," said  Shanda Armstrong. "It was a hard time sleeping last night because every time I close my eyes, I see those horrible bruises."

They are injuries going beneath the surface: a suspected broken front leg, a severely chipped hip and a gash above his eye that vets say could have easily blinded him. The person responsible is nowhere to be found.

"I want him to be caught and I want him to be punished because this is unnecessary," said Armstrong.

Brandon Armstrong says he believes he knows who is responsible.

"I don't think he can apologize to me," said Brandon. "He'll have to be punished."

Until justice does happen, the Armstrongs look to Jody's legacy, 3-week-old Bella, who might be just as fast as her dad.

"The way she walks she get it from him," said Brandon. "He gave her a lot of good stuff to work with...yeah. Hope she becomes just like him or better."

Vets say Jody's wounds will take almost a year to heal, and his ability to run much longer.

"He won't be the same, he won't move the same, he won't be the same horse, but he'll be here for me," said Brandon Armstrong.

Best friends looking to one day return to happier trails.

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