Allegedly doped up doc has patients seeing red

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TYLER/PALESTINE, TX (KLTV) - Back in March, we reported the Texas Medical Board's decision to suspend an East Texas ophthalmologist's license.  Alan Dale Shiller, M.D., practices in Palestine and Waco.  TMB suspended Shiller's license after a December accident.  Shiller wrecked his car while, allegedly, driving under the influence.  At the time, Shiller was the emergency on-call doctor for Palestine Regional Medical Center.

Kenneth and Barbara Stephenson of Tyler are still trying to figure out why no one bothered to tell them about the situation.  Meanwhile, Shiller has not been charged with any criminal acts.

"Do I have issues with the gentleman? Yes I do," said Stephenson.  "We were never given an opportunity to make an informed decision."

Kenneth Stephenson had a surgical appointment with Shiller on December 1, 2009.

In its suspension order, the Texas Medical Board reports just three days later on Dec. 4th, Shiller was seen "driving his car into a utility pole in Palestine."  Moments later, the report details how Shiller he "ran off the highway, through several mailboxes" and rammed "head-on into a tree," pinning himself in his car.

The Medical Board goes on to report that hospital staff later found an empty 100 mg vial of Demerol--a morphine-like drug--in Shiller's pocket.

Trooper Lynn Hubert is also cited in the report.  Hubert stated Shiller appeared to be under the influence of an illegal drug.

Hubert also noticed marks on the top, side, and in-between Shiller's toes.

Shiller denied taking any drugs before, or after the accident.

The TMB suspension order also reports the hospital toxicology report was positive for barbiturates, opiates and phencyclidine, or ("PCP").

"It's very disturbing," said Barbara Stephenson.

The Stephensons said Shiller operated on Barbara's eyes Dec. 22nd--just days after the alleged Dec. 4th accident.  On March 17, 2010, the Medical Board suspended the doctor's license.

"He was the same public endangerment on December 22, 2009, as he was on March 17th, 2010," said Kenneth.

Then on March 22nd, the Stephensons received a two bills in the mail, both from Shiller's office--totaling $170.

"[To] be suspended, be a drug addict doctor, and have the gall to send your patients a bill, something's wrong with that," said Kenneth.

We dropped by Shiller's Palestine clinic, Tuesday afternoon. His staff told us they are loyal to the boss they described as a good man, who treats all of his patients well.

The staff said it has been several weeks since he's been in the office.

Kenneth Stephenson said his post-surgery vision is perfect, but he hopes Shiller never practices medicine again.

We stopped by the Anderson County D.A.'s office, and the county clerk's office.  We found no felony, or misdemeanor cases on record.  We also spoke with the Department of Public Safety.  We were told troopers are still waiting for their own toxicology results, and once those come in, they expect to file some criminal charges.

We were unable to reach Dr. Shiller for a comment.

Anyone can access discipline reports filed against any doctor in the state through the Texas Medical Board website.

To see if your doctor has a history with the Medical Board, just look click here.

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