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04/10/03 - On The Internet

War Opinions From The World's Front Pages

We have been scouring front pages from around the world, for the latest war opinions.  Here are a few:

Le Figaro - Paris says  "It is, for George Bush, a victory. Decided apart from the U.N. and international law, in spite of the opposition of Russia, of China, of Germany and France, this lightning war reaffirms American unilateralism. Nearly fifteen years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the United States remains the only super-power."

Manila Times - Phillippines says "The war is neither about the elimination of weapons of mass destruction that Iraq allegedly possesses nor the replacement of the brutal regime with a democratic government. It is about the US and its allies gaining a geopolitical advantage in the region and controlling the rich-oil fields of Iraq. In other words, the war is a classic invasion by a colonial power of a weak but resource-rich country in order for the former to have access to the latter's abundant natural resources."

Sydney Morning Herald - Australia says "It seems extremely unlikely that the Bush Administration will take any other lesson from Iraq than that unilateralism and military power are a proven, potent cocktail for making the world a better and friendlier place for Western values and interests. It would be mightily surprised if its "embedded" southern hemisphere ally came to a different conclusion. Get ready to head for the next destination on the Bush-Rumsfeld freedom ride."

Daily Telegraph - London says "The joy of the crowds was deep and authentic and moving. Try telling them this war was ill-conceived and that it would have been better all-around if they could have put up with Saddam for a few more years."

Go to the Know More on 7 page for a link to hundreds of front pages from all over the world.

Reported by Morgan Palmer

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