K-Kids bring about big "change" for Haiti

LINDALE, TX (KLTV) - Released by the Lindale ISD:

LINDALE, TX - A little pocket change can quickly add up to big dollars.  That simple lesson in finance was part of a bigger lesson in leadership learned by Kiwanis Kids at Lindale's E.J. Moss Intermediate School.

The Kiwanis Kids, or K-Kids, developed the "Got Change?" fundraiser in February to support relief efforts in Haiti after the country was devastated by an earthquake.  The students' idea was to put a milk jug in each homeroom to collect change.

Over a five week period, fifth grade students raised $344.01 and sixth grade students raised $433.23 for a total of $777.24.  Each homeroom competed to bring in the most money and win a popcorn party hosted by K-Kids and Hide-A-Way Lake Kiwanis members. Mrs. Christie Hamilton's fifth grade class raised $95.20 and Mrs. Kathleen Turner's sixth grade class raised $125.20 earning the party.

The money raised will be donated to the Smith County Chapter of the American Red Cross for Haitian recovery.

K-Kids is a student-led community-service organization sponsored by the Hide-A-Way Lake Kiwanis Club.  The objectives of K-Kids include working in service to their schools and community, developing leadership skills and strong moral character, and encouraging loyalty to their school, community and nation.