Family horse severely injured after being dragged

By Taylor Hemness - bio | email

On her way home from dropping her kids off at school, Shanda Armstrong noticed something that hadn't been there when she left.

"When I came back, it was like somebody had drug something, and I saw some blood puddles in the road," Armstrong said. "But I didn't think anything of it."

Shanda had no reason to believe the blood had anything to do with her, until she got home, and saw her son's horse, "Jody."

"I came out, and I noticed, as I walked to the other side of him, and saw the blood, and all the horrible marks...I just started crying," Armstrong said.

The horse's injuries were severe. "Jody" had a large gash above his right eye, and pieces of flesh were torn from his right side. Camp County Sheriff Alan McCandless said he was shocked when he saw the damage.

"I was kind of amazed when they called in," McCandless said. "You never know 'til you get there. They thought it had been dragged down the road, and after I saw the pictures there's no doubt that's what happened. It's just a terrible thing...terrible."

In addition to the damage to the horse, deputies found more evidence in the road next to the Armstrong's home.

"He had his hoof prints in the ground where he was trying to not be drug, but he couldn't stop it, because he was drug by a truck," Shanda Armstrong said.

But Shanda had to go through the discovery again, when her son Brandon came home, and saw the damage to his friend.

"Most other kids, they'd be doing other things," said family friend Dennis Simmons. "But I mean him and Jody, they were riding all the time together. I mean it's kind of like Roy Rogers and Trigger."

Now, as they wait for a veterinarian to assess the damage, and see if the horse can be saved, this East Texas family is trying to understand why this happened.

"Why? We live right here," Armstrong said. "All you had to do is call the police, they could have got in touch with me, and there wouldn't have been a problem."

"All you had to do is say, your animal is here, come get it."

Right now, the person responsible for the injuries is facing a misdemeanor charge of cruelty to animals. But that could be upgraded to a felony.

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