A Better East Texas: District Attorneys need to stop fighting

The Smith County District Attorney, Matt Bingham and the Wood County District Attorney, Jim Wheeler are in the middle of a legal argument with each other.  The argument stems from the trials surrounding the Mineola sex ring.  The Wood County D-A Wheeler chose not to pursue the case that took place in Wood County.  The Smith County D-A Bingham prosecuted the case because some of the alleged victims lived in Smith County, so egos were at play from day one.  The cases resulted in convictions which are now being appealed in Houston.  Recently Mr. Wheeler accused Mr. Bingham of some improper tactics to get the convictions while Bingham has accused Wheeler of concealing information in the case.  The Court of Appeals in Houston will have to sort it all out but what is ridiculous is that both of these offices work for the tax payers and supposedly they are both working in the interest of justice.  But it is Mr. Wheeler that appears to be going after Bingham on a personal level, not in the interest of seeing justice served, but in the interest of covering his own backside.  From an objective perspective, it seems that Mr. Wheeler's actions are designed more to assist the defense rather than provide an open inspection of the facts of the case.  The taxpayers, defendants and especially the victims deserve better, and Mr. Wheeler needs to be reminded of why he was put in office - the vigorous prosecution of criminals, and that will make for a Better East Texas.