LeTourneau University hosts Easter egg hunt for everyone

By Morgan Chesky - bio | email

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - It's the one time a year when it's ok to put all your eggs in one basket. Stashed high and low...the discovery of hidden eggs put plenty of smiles on children's faces in Longview today.

LeTourneau University students organized an Easter egg hunt for everyone. Two words describe the hunt for close to eight thousand eggs, one big Easter extravaganza.

Five year old Jacob Littrell wasn't the biggest egg hunter, but he just knew where to look, "In the grass, under bushes, everywhere." said Jacob.

"Easter eggs and games are fun," say LeTourneau student Kimberley Cook, "But the main point of this is to show love to the people here in the community."

The free hunt provided fun for the kids, food for the stomach and soul, and for the father of Jacob and his sister Adriana, a moment of freedom from reality.

"I feel very lucky to have somewhere we can take the kids to," said father Dale Littrell.

A victim to recession, Littrell lost his full time job two years ago. Chronic injuries plagued his job search which is ongoing, except for an hour on a sunny Sunday.

"You could be having the worst day or just real bad day and just seeing them go out there will put a smile on your face," said Littrell.

Littrell's positive attitude has been passed on to his children. Jacob and Adriana share their take with less fortunate egg hunters.

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