Blooming better late, than never

By Layron Livingston - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) -  Spring Time in Tyler means hitting the Azalea and Spring Flower Trails--eight miles of historic homes and gardens.

As always, the waving Azalea Belles in period costume wave you along.  But this year, many were asking, where are the azaleas?

"They're disappointed that the flowers aren't more robust," said Bonny Edmonds.

This year's blooming bulbs were a bit bashful.

Bonny and her husband Don know azaleas.  Their yard is full of nearly 150 separate azalea plants--give, or take--as well as hundreds of other springtime specimens...

Year after year, the Edmonds' garden is a must see Azalea Trails attraction.

"Some are early-blooming, some are late-blooming, and some are mid-blooming, so they don't naturally bloom all at the same time," said Don.

Our unusually colder and snowy winter helped keep the azaleas in their garden dressing room a little longer this year.

"We've had a great, wet winter, which is wonderful for the plants," said Bonny.

The Edmonds said their bushes are slower to bloom, but that moisture is making them much more lush.

Many bushes finally started flowering this weekend.

"They're just coming out naturally, and they do it in their own time," said Don.

The adoring fans still dropped by to take in what they could.

"We're just in awe of everything," said Dinorah Martinez-Anderson.  She drove up from Georgetown.

"It just feels like a little piece of heaven."

"Every year, we take a few pictures and add them to our collection," said Ray Krepsky, of Wisconsin.

Growers said they expect the best blooms this week.

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