Children, Victim's of Crime, Benefit from Victims' Services

Every year in East Texas, a child's life is touched by murder or other violent crime. That's where Smith County Victims' Services jumps in to help. But, the state funding that partially helps these victims' groups is in real danger.

Attorney General Gregg Abbott urged a crowd at today's crime victims rights conference in Tyler, to ask their legislators to not touch victim's compensation funds.

Every year, the million dollars East Texas gets, goes to supplement intervention and advocacy programs for victims.

Parents of children who've lost someone to murder say their families have brighter futures because of Smith County's programs.

"They go through so much trauma when they lose someone, but when people come and sponsor them so they can do activities it keeps them involved kind of gets them back to normal," says Diane Pell about her son blade.

Diane's son, Blade benefits from the "Making a Difference Program" since his father was murdered. Someone in Smith County sponsored him so he could take gymnastics.

It's programs like that Attorney General Abbott says, will "lose out" if the legislature cuts the $20 million dollar victims' fund to $8 million.

Dana Dixon, reporting.