Afghanistan to Alaska to East Texas

By Taylor Hemness

East Texas welcomed home another of its heroes, and in this case, it was for the second time.

Private First Class Jonathan Fontenot returned from Afghanistan last month, to his base in Alaska.

Thursday night, he got a big welcome when got home to Tyler. PFC Fontenot has already experienced this kind of welcome, after returning home in May of 2009. He said during both of his deployments, the care packages from home helped more than people know.

He tells KLTV 7, "I have a big sweet tooth, so the candy was nice. They sent me bath products, which was very needed. Books, and journals for me to write in. They help me to cope a lot. It would get depressing over there, but the boxes would cheer me up. I couldn't do it without them, honestly."

PFC Fontenot says that he and his fellow soldiers are doing good work in Afghanistan, and that the threat level is going down.

He's home for two weeks before he goes back to Alaska. But he shouldn't be deployed until next year.

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