Letourneau hosts Rube Goldberg Competition

By Bob Hallmark - bio | email

Long rows of domino's toppling, dozens of mouse-traps snapping, bizarre and comic designs, all part of the annual Rube Goldberg competition at Letourneau University.

Engineering students participating in this annual event are challenged to use a maximum number of energy transitions to create unique, yet trivial, inventions.

The event is named after Rube Goldberg, an early 20th century cartoonist who was famous for making ridiculous machines. The idea of the demonstration is to foster the students' ingenuity and to prove Murphy's law exists.

Seven teams of Letourneau students competed in the annual competition. All the devices were required to have at least 10 movements. And in true science fair fashion, many of the students say they stayed up all night to get their devices in tip-top shape.

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