A Better East Texas: Longview Fireworks in Jeopardy

Longview's annual 4th of July fireworks show may have fizzled like a wet roman candle.  The League of Business Owners has organized the event for the past 5 years and they announced recently that they were pulling out because of a lack of funds.  In years past the city of Longview has contributed 10-thousand dollars and the facilities to host the event while the League delivered on the remaining 40-thousand dollars that it takes to pull off the show.  Now, all of this may fall victim to a slow economy.  But does this really have to happen?  The city stands ready with the 10 thousand and there even is some money left over from last year.  Is there not some group or even groups that will step up and keep this event going?  Or will one of the symbols of the spirit of America fall prey to a fiscal challenge?  The League of Business Owners also stands ready to help as a resource for the new sponsoring organization.  So the table is set for this event to transition to a new caretaker and it is also set for the event to fade away.  For years, thousands of East Texans have flocked to Longview for the 4th of July Fireworks show – it is Americana at its best and keeping it going will make this a Better East Texas.