Sharing the Gospel, one CD at a time

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - In a massive effort to spread the word of God to all of East Texas, local preachers have put a modern spin on the Bible. They have recorded parts of the Bible to CDs. The goal is to hand them out to everyone. Organizers of the initiative say it is a state-wide project, and local churches are finding creative ways to distribute the CDs.

Southside Baptist Church hopes the CD's will be an answer to their prayers. The CD's are a reading of the Gospel, John. Dr. Mark Price, the preacher at Southside said, "I think it would just be easier that they would pop in a CD and listen to somebody reading the Bible than reading it themselves."

Southside is just one of the East Texas Baptist churches participating in Texas Hope 2010. "The goal is to get this CD into the hands of every person across the state by Easter," said Dr. Price.

David Dixon, with The Smith Baptist Association, is outfitting local churches with the resources. "We've seen a very welcome response," he said. "It's not something that seems like, 'The church is throwing it upon us.'"

Out of all of the churches that are affiliated with The Smith Baptist Association, 22 are taking part in this effort, and 18,000 CDs have been delivered to people in the East Texas region. "We have various churches that are doing either mailing, direct mail to their residents," Dixon said. "Churches like my church, we did a door to door hand out of those CDs."

Southside is taking a different approach. Dr. Price asked his congregation to think of a person who does not own a Bible, or someone who may not be a Christian. "The personal touch is more meaningful to the person receiving the CD," he said.

"You can stick that CD in your car and listen to the entire Gospel of John in English or Spanish while you drive to work or take the kids to school," said Dixon. No matter the method, the church leaders say it is modern way to spread "The Word".

Texas Hope 2010 has other goals besides CD distribution. The project urges churches to pray for their communities and care for their neighbors through mission work.

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