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A new prescription for the heart...BBQ sauce


By Morgan Chesky - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Great news for carnivores! New research finds disease fighting anti-oxidants are found in the sauce meat lovers bathe briskets in so spare the broccoli and bring on the barbeque.

Stirred in the back, served up front and soaking everything in sight - is barbeque sauce a new health food?

"My first thought was people could...overdue this," said Dietician Tami Lawrence, "most people do have a hard time keeping portion sizes to a minimum."

"I heard milk was good for you," said Stanley's BBQ owner Nick Pencis, "Orange juice all these things...but barbeque sauce? That's pretty cool."

Anti-oxidants, the cancer fighting, heart strengthening, free radical killing molecules also taste good. Just ask 9-year-old Josh Scott.

"This sauce, this sauce is healthy?"

"Some have cilantro, celery, other types of vegetables which in and of themselves are anti-oxidants," said Lawrence.

It is great news for barbeque lovers…with a catch.

"It really depends on how it's made...I would have to see an ingredient list," adds Lawrence.

Pit master Nick Pencis gave us a sneak peek. He started with anti-oxidant dense herbs: oregano and sage.

"We got white sugar brown sugar, garlic, salt, black pepper," he explained.

Ending with...well…a little lit of molasses.

"Barbeque sauce isn't the only way to get your antioxidants and it's not the best way," said Pencis.

Just don't tell that to the line of "patients" out the door. A sweet medicine with free refills is hard to beat.

To find the sauce richest in anti-oxidants, dieticians say to make sure the first ingredients listed on the bottle are the spices and vegetables.

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