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City of Longview shares ways it's cutting spending


LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - We are halfway through the fiscal year, and an East Texas city has a budget deficit of nearly $1,700,000.

The City of Longview says their sales tax revenue is down, and they are looking at ways to cut expenses.

Some of the things they are doing to save money are limiting hiring, limiting travel and discretionary spending, limiting capital purchases and vehicle purchases, and asking directors and managers to continue to find ways to reduce expenses.

Longview says they are hoping they do not have to cut employees or their hours.

"Reducing employees or reducing employee time, that would be one of the last things that we would want to look at," said Shawn Hara, with Longview's community relations department. "But, the city council and the city manager would be looking at what are the options available. Right now, they are just looking at all of the above - what would be needed."

The city says that even with the reduction in sales tax revenue, they are in good overall financial shape.

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