Pasta Pro: " Does It Work?"

We've had a lot of requests to test this week's "Does It Work?" item. There must be a lot of pasta lovers out there. The Pasta Pro is that little pan with the little holes in the lid, it's supposed to allow you to drain the water, not your pasta.

It's touted as the spill-free way to cook, drain, mix and serve pasta all in one pan. The Pasta Pro, if it works, should be a time saver in the kitchen.

The set comes with the big pan, a smaller sauce pan and two lids. You also get a free parmesan cheese grater. We filled our Pasta Pro with water. And turned the stove up to "high". While things were heating up we noticed the pan has a nice non-stick coating. The lid is the real secret to the Pasta Pro. It has notches that allow it to lock on the inside of the pan so you can use this as a virtual colander and pour the water out through the lid. Once we reached a boil, we put the spaghetti in the Pasta Pro and waited. Minutes later, the moment of truth. We poured the water through the holes with no problem. And the spaghetti was fine too. Plus the Teflon made cleanup a breeze. Does It Work? we give the Pasta Pro... A "yes".

We paid 20 bucks for the Pasta Pro, the sauce pan and the cheese grater.. You can get it at almost any department store, and it's widely available online.