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Teachers surprised by Lindale ISD's 'Grant Patrol'

Photo Source: LISD Photo Source: LISD
Photo Source: LISD Photo Source: LISD
Photo Source: LISD Photo Source: LISD
Photo Source: LISD Photo Source: LISD

Released by Maya Bethany with Lindale ISD:

LINDALE, TX - The sound of drum beats and trumpets signaled something special was on its way to the classroom of 23 Lindale ISD teachers Monday morning. The Lindale ISD Education Foundation's Grant Patrol surprised the teachers with news they were the recipients of a grant from the Foundation.

The Foundation awarded $13,802.36 to the 23 teachers for six classroom projects. The projects will impact the educational lives of more than 1,800 LISD students. This is the second time the Lindale ISD Education Foundation has awarded grants to teachers this school year. In November 2009 the Foundation gave out $8,472.30 for nine projects.

"We were delighted to pass out grants to several successful teachers," said LISD Education Foundation President John Driver. "The enthusiasm of the donors who went with us and the teachers who received grants made for a very exciting morning. It was also exciting to see the enthusiasm of the students. This was a great day for the Lindale ISD and the Lindale ISD Education Foundation. This is why we volunteer our time to the Foundation."

The Lindale ISD Education Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit tax-exempt philanthropic organization. Through donations from individuals, local businesses and corporations, the Foundation provides funds for educational programs and activities which either have not been funded or have been under-funded by LISD's normal operating budget.

Grants Awarded

Melanie Gilbert and Cynthia Sample of Lindale Primary School awarded $4,997.94 for their project Life Is A Touch Away. A multi-sensory room will expose special needs students to an environment that is filled with stimulating activities and experiences. This will aid in the development of students' sensory skills, language development, and positive behavior.

Cookie Hartley and June Wright of the Early Childhood Center awarded $1,021.40 for their project Wii Can Do It! Wii Therapy will be used as an innovative, interactive way to accelerate learning for preschool students with disabilities. The use of Wii game systems as a therapy and instructional tool will effectively address educational goals and objectives in the areas of communication and academics. It can also increase cognitive, fine motor, gross motor and social skills. The use of a Wii as an instructional tool has also been linked to improvement in concentration, focus and participation.

Renee Ramsey of Lindale High School awarded $1,000.00 for her project Pen It and Print I!. Lindale High School students will create a literary magazine. A student /faculty review committee will carefully select items to include in the magazine. All LHS students will be encouraged to submit original essays, stories, poems, photographs, and artwork for publication.

Cynthia Peters and Bobbie Williams of Lindale Primary School awarded $1,121.30 for their project "Wii" fit, "Wii" moving, and "Wii" happy. Students will be given the opportunity to experience technology in a fun and creative way using the Nintendo Wii. Students will learn teamwork, build self esteem and demonstrate creativity. The student holds a wireless controller and motions as if they were the character in the video game; holding the racket, bowling ball, or the instrument. These activities will build their hand-eye coordination, balance, range of motion, gross motor skills, body awareness, and build rhythm.

(All Kindergarten Teachers) Jennifer Davis, Pamela Hopper, Rhonda Aubuchon, Alicia Winkler, Connie Forsyth, Elizabeth Rogers, Deborah Kellas, Tracy Triplett, Jamie Thornhill, Angela Coomer, Angela Shine, Kristy Watson, Bernadine Corley, Kaela Deslatte, and Theresa Petty of the Early Childhood Center awarded $4,941.92 for their project Flipping Through Literature. Students will create multimedia presentations using digital camcorders, digital cameras, and head phones with microphones while creating new literacy projects. They will create electronic books, power points, electronic science journals and recorded video. Students' creations will be based upon literature by the famous children's author, Eric Carle. Projects and activities will be expanded throughout the school year to include various author studies and themes.

Lisa Vader of E.J. Moss Intermediate School awarded $719.80 for her project Lego Robotics. Lego Robotics provides the students with an opportunity to learn problem solving and higher level thinking skills through engineering and technology. The culmination of the project is a robotics competition. The materials purchased with the grant money will allow the students to participate in this activity for years to come.

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