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School bus crashes near Shreveport

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SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) – This is just in from the KSLA News 12 news room in Shreveport.  

KSLA News 12 has received reports that a Caddo Parish School bus filled with high school students has veered off the road, crashing through a chain link fence and into a pasture.  

The accident is reported to have happened at Colquitt Road on the west side of Dean Street in Shreveport.  The bus involved was bus #260.

KSLA News 12s Cody Jennings reports from the scene that just as the bus crossed a bridge, the driver heard a popping noise and became concerned that a tire had been blown.

When he attempted to pull over into the shoulder, he hit mud, causing the bus to slide off the road through the fence and into the pasture.

There are no reports of any injuries.

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