Tornado Destroys Homes In Southern Rusk County

Tatum was not the only part of Rusk County where a tornado touched down Sunday. Farther south, a tornado ripped a path through trees, power lines, and homes.

Crews for the Rusk County Electric Co-Op early Sunday afternoon. For miles and miles, downed lines and poles must be replaced before power can return. "It kind of went from I guess New Salem to Tatum. Just a section through there," said Supervisor David Crow. "It's pretty bad. About as bad as we've had."

A few yards from where they are working, a house lies in ruin. The windows walls and roof were all scattered into shards by an F2 tornado. The outer walls of the bedroom lay on the ground, as if blown apart by a bomb from within. But the closet inside the room is still intact. It was inside there where Opal Densmore and her 82 year old mother waited out the storm.

"There was this calmness," said Densmore, "Because we held hands, and prayed, and I was bleeding all over."

In the process, Densmore dislocated her thumb. But she feels lucky to have been able to walk away. "It makes me think we could have been killed. But God is good. He saved our lives."

Stephen Parr, reporting.