Patriotic Picture Serves As Soldiers' Snapshot

An early morning display of patriotism brought hundreds of East Texans out to a local furniture store. They were hoping a patriotic picture will get them on a cable news channel so their sentiments could be felt in the Middle East.

The call today was, "Show your American pride." Two hundred people answered that call and came to Swann's Furniture, wearing their country's colors in support of their troops.

"I'm a veteran of Vietnam," Tyler's Dale Hahn said, "I wanted to come out here and support our troops. I'm very proud of what they're doing today."

They came of all ages and sizes, waving flags and signs to show their support for all of our military, including some special soldiers.

"I'm out here to support our troops," Colleen Porter said. "Especially my grandson, Bill Jolley. I hope that everybody will show our support for this country and know that we will be victorious."

Today's picture was more than just for show. These people wanted this snapshot to show their opinions on the war.

"I'm tired of seeing protesters on TV," Linda Stark said. "I think we should see people who are supporting what we stand for."

"Those soldiers get news from home and they need things like this," EMS Captain George Fletcher said. "It boosts their morale and just supports everything they do."

Swann's Furniture will be sending the picture to Fox News for their "Fox and Family" segment, which shows home town pictures. So today, they said "cheese" and smiled, and spread the word overseas. These people hope one picture will be worth a thousand "thank you's."

Reid kerr ( reporting.