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Boy saves woman from burning home

BIENVILLE PARISH, LA (KSLA) - The word 'hero' gets tossed around a lot - especially in the media. Webster defines hero as, "A man admired for his achievements." But, there really is not an age limit when it comes to being a true hero.

Just a couple of miles outside of Saline, Louisiana but a good parish away from the closest full time fire department raged the biggest fire the area has seen in a very long time.

"When the page came out, Shorty Drive, I knew there was only one house on Shorty Drive," said volunteer fire fighter Eileen Daniels.

Daniels immediately knew it was Sheila Toms' house that was on fire. 

"It was like flames everywhere," said Daniels, describing the scene. "Everything was exploding."

The explosions were the shotguns and ammunition stored inside.

"The bullets started popping," said Toms.

A half dozen of Toms's oxygen tanks did not stand a chance against the intense heat. Also inside was her nephew, 9-year-old Hunter Collinsworth.

"I wasn't scared," said Hunter. "I just kept my cool."

Hunter was spending the night with his Aunt Sheila since his mother was over an hour and half away on a family emergency.

"That's one call as a parent, you never want to get," said Teykiee Collinsworth, Hunter's mother. "[I was] terrified. He's all I got and like to lost him."

So while Hunter's mother drove back in a panic, Hunter jumped into action.

"I got up to get something to eat and saw the fire, right there," said Hunter.

"Hunter came in there and said, 'Aunt Sheila, the house is on fire,'" said Toms.

"She told me, 'Don't joke with me,'" said Hunter.

With fire was everywhere and the roof already caving in, Hunter said he could only think of one thing.

"Just get my aunt out," said Hunter.

Hunter led Toms, Pacemaker and all, through the fire to safety.

"He's my little guardian angel," said Toms. "God put him there for a reason."

Aunt Sheila's guardian angel spent his 10th birthday helping salvage what they could.

"I'm just thankful the good Lord gave him the courage to get her out," said Collinsworth.

Both Hunter and Toms made it out without injury. However, Toms says she not sure if she will be able to rebuild or not.

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