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Exercise study causing controversy


By Sara Story - bio | email
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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - It is an exercise study that is stirring up controversy. Recommendations that seem unrealistic to some women and downright depressing to others: Average weight women who do not diet need a full 60 minutes to avoid weight gain.

"I was shocked!" exclaimed Shannon Hicks. "I thought every other day - maybe 30 minutes was fine."

So what counts towards the new recommendation?

"I've been walking an hour or alternating that with my elliptical or bike," said Kerrie Coleman.

"Yesterday, I was at the Olympic Center for an hour on the treadmill," said Donna Fernandez.

Kathi Snow is a weight management coach at Curves and she has an easy explanation for you.

"You are going to be picking them up and putting them down at a pretty good pace to where you are still able to carry on a conversation but maybe in shorter sentences," said Snow.

If it is hard to pencil in an hour-long workout to the schedule, Snow says a shorter, more intense workout can give the same results.

"It's just hard to do for everybody that's busy, if you got kids you got a job," said Debbie Lake.

And, if you are looking to shed pounds, she recommends using exercise and changes to your diet.

"You can not eat a high carb diet and stroll around a little bit or ride a golf cart and swing a club now and then and say you've gotten exercise," said Snow.

So take advice from women like Donna Fernandez.

"All I know is I'm 80 years old, and I feel great!" she said.

She says no matter how full your hands are, any workout is better than none. The study, which recommends a one hour workout, has drawn the ire of many in the medical community.

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