Tornado Destroys Homes in Tatum

Just after 12 noon tornadoes touched down in Tatum. Trees were snapped like matchsticks. Dozens of homes were damaged-- at least 6 destroyed, in a 3 mile stretch of Farm Road 2187 near Tatum. As tornadoes crashed through the area. 3 people were hospitalized with minor injuries, and 6 people are still listed as missing. Police and fire crews had to rescue numerous homeowners trapped in demolished homes. Whirling debris and tree limbs became projectiles, as many people narrowly escaped injury. Some were caught in their cars with the tornado in their rear view mirror. One trailer home was lifted and carried 100 feet, then smashed into pieces. And a witness said a man inside got up out of the rubble and walked away. Many lost everything, but are just glad to be alive.