High Winds & Storms Rip Stuff Up

There were some frightening moments for people in the southern part of Rusk county Sunday afternoon who say they saw twisters. The storm tore through the area north of Laneville, causing damage from Lake Striker all the way across the county.

Although the storm didn't last long, the effects will remain for quite some time. Massive trees were uprooted, blocking traffic on many country roads while volunteer firemen tried to clear the debris. People were stunned by the speed of the storm.

"We were on the back porch starting a generator," Kevin Pace says, "And we saw it touchdown right here, we all ran in the house and jumped in the closet. It was over in a couple of minutes. It cleared the trees and houses, and a lot of equipment's gone."

"I brought a boat out here yesterday," Pace says. "It weighed about 1000 pounds, it's gone. We can't find it anywhere right now."

Houses were struck, and suddenly gone. Homes and barns were demolished, with pieces scattered hundreds of yards away. The sudden rains dumped inches of water, flooding the country roads.

"It happened so quick," Homer Fears said, "I don't think we had time to be scared. I doubt if it lasted a minute, minute and a half."

Residents surveyed the damage, and tried to put their homes back together. While the winds blew and the rain poured, some people were just happy to still be there.

"I'm amazed it didn't blow the house down it was blowing so hard," Louise Fears says.

"But I'm thankful. The good Lord was with us."

Amazingly enough, even with all of the damage from the suspected tornado and storm in southern Rusk County, the sheriff's office reports there were no fatalities or serious injuries reported.

Reid Kerr (rkerr@kltv.com) reporting.