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Everyday Hero - Kim Conaway

In this day of world-wide electronic connection it seems that good old hard work and caring for a cause has been lost between friend requests and tweets.  But there are so many local, even neighborhood causes that cannot be supported by anything but a committed, giving effort.  And that is just the case for the Yantis Volunteer Fire Department.  The Yantis V-F-D has a volunteer caretaker that truly stands out.  I am speaking of our Everyday Hero for March – Kim Conaway.  Kim is the Training Coordinator and Grant Coordinator for the Yantis firefighters.  She has a giving spirit that has led to a focused determination to help the Yantis-V-F-D.  Kim is responsible for securing numerous grants for tens of thousands of dollars resulting in purchases of safety and rescue equipment.  In addition to working behind the scenes she goes out on many of the calls for fire assistance helping those at the scene.  She is a mom, a grandmother, a wife and friend of all who know her and her endless dedication to helping the Yantis V-F-D has no doubt made a difference in those lives served by the department.  So thank you Kim Conaway for your volunteer work for the Yantis Volunteer Fire Department, you are making a difference in our community and you are an Everyday Hero.

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