Camp Fannin Memorial Honors World War II Vets

A memorial at Camp Fannin was unveiled Saturday, and a program remembered all the men of the camp. Camp Fannin was an Army training center during World War Two, and two hundred and fifty thousand men came there between 1943 and 1945.

Saturday, some of them came back to be honored. At a time when our army is again at war, veterans saw today as a time for reinforcing patriotism.

"The United States has been built on patriotism," veteran John Anderson says, "And this just reinforces how great it is to see veterans come back and honor their country and honor the United States at this time."

Army veteran Jim Brizendine, who trained at Camp Fannin in 1943, summed it up.

"The men and women who laid down their lives to preserve this democracy, that's what this represents here today."

The memorial, when completed, will also feature five monuments dedicated to the different branches of service.

After Camp Fannin closed, the government gave the land to the state of Texas. That land now houses the University of Texas Health Center.

Reid Kerr ( reporting.