Patriot Rally Shows Tyler Support For Troops

East Texans spent Saturday showing their support for the military men and women overseas, as a large crowd packed Tyler's Bergfeld Park for a Patriot Rally.

They came to to sing, to pray, and to show their patriotism.

"It's a great turnout," Pam Romine said. "It seems like everybody has a lot of spirit, lot of patriotism."

"I think its something we need to be doing," Tylerite Bob Barron said, "To show our support for them and our country and our President."

The Patriot Rally brought East Texans of all ages to Tyler, all wearing their colors, all standing up for their country, and all looking to reaffirm the same sentiment.

"It's a stronger belief in our country and God," twenty year-old Bethany Laird says, "And what we're founded on. And just to really support our troops, our hearts are behind them."

Everyone was invited to join their voices and show their pride. For those with loved ones in the Middle East, the rally gave strength to support them in their times of worry and uncertainty.

"You have so much control over your kids for so long," says Karen Taylor, the mother of a marine. "And then you don't have any connection while they're gone."

"He called me about five weeks ago," Eloisa Soriano says of her son, Marine Sgt. Luis Aparicio, "To tell me he was not going to able to call me. And I cherish that, I try to remember what he told me over and over, because I'm afraid it'll be the last thing he tells me."

For at least one military family, todays rally will reach around the globe.

"I took pictures that he can see, so he can see the support from his home town," Soriano says. "He was born and raised in Tyler, and he knows that there's a lot of community behind him."

Reid Kerr ( reporting.