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Health care reform: Have we lost sight of our goal?


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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - To pass, or not to pass. Is that the real question?

"Right now they're looking at it as a Democrat and Republican thing," said Raymond Munson. "They need to look at it as a personal thing."

For Lisa Rosenberg, the answer is simple.

"If I'm ill, I don't have to worry about if I can afford it--I don't have to make choices between food or rent and being healthy," she explained.

Dr. Kirk Calhoun, president of the University of Texas Health Science Center, Tyler, said everyone should have access some form of health care coverage.

"This is very much a health insurance reform bill," said Calhoun. "It's not a health care delivery reform bill, and we're going to have to have some serious discussions about how we deliver health care."

But Calhoun said it remains to be seen whether or not the current bill is the best way to do it, while making it affordable to individuals and the country.  The health care bill is expected to cost nearly $1 trillion.

The politics and the people are split.

"Anytime you have an industry as large as the health care industry that you're attempting to do some complex legislation about , you're talking about something more than what that industry really're talking about a philosophy of government," said David Henderson, chair of the Smith County Democratic Party.

"People are against the bill, as it is, but you've got even more contention about the way their trying to pass it," said Ashton Oravetz, the Republican Party Chair in Smith County, referring to Speaker Nancy Pelosi's consideration of the self-executing rule.

"What [Democrats] want is to socialize another 20% of the country," he said.

Calhoun said even if the legislation passes, there will be legislation in the future, amendments and adjustments.

If the bill rationalizes a the current "irrational," "completely out of cost control" system, then it will have been worth all the storm and the stress Henderson said.

Friday, Governor Rick Perry sent a letter to the Texas Congressional Delegation to vote against the health care bill.

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