Vote on Nurses Union

The final voting period is underway at Good Shepherd Medical Center in an issue that has just about divided nurses right down the middle. The final few voters now may very well decide whether a nurses union is formed.
  For the past two days over 600 registered nurses have come out to vote on whether to form Texas' first nurses union. Pro and Anti-union sides have been very active in pleading their cases to those who may be undecided.
  Although both sides agree that poor communication with management and patient care are the root of the problem they disagree on whether a union will help them. Registered Nurse Melanie Snow hopes having a union will control how many patients the nurses have to take care of. She wants the nurses to be able to give their patients the full attention they need.
  But, Phillip Boaz, also a registered nurse, says he's concerned because a union won't necessarily be able to address any of the problems the nurses face in health care. Voting is expected to end around 7, and the tally is expected to start immediately afterward.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.