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Recently returned relief group says Haiti still in desperate need

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HARLRTON, TX (KLTV) - After spending 10 days on a humanitarian mission in Haiti, an East Texas relief group is back home, and they say the people there are still in great need of help.

Mike Brittain has been to many disaster sites around the world with the East Texas Baptist Disaster Relief Team, but he says nothing compares to what he saw in Haiti.

"The situation in Haiti compared to anyplace I've been over 30 disasters went to the tsunami in Sri Lanka, probably Haiti represents to me the most dire situation," said Brittain.

Their chief mission is to feed hungry people during disasters, but he says there is one desperate need now for the entire country.

"[They need] pure water," said Brittain. "People get it (water) from a ditch, anyplace they can. Hogs are there all over they're wallowing in it, and they're just scooping it up and drinking it right from a mud hole, kids are getting sick from it, treating wounds and infections."

The poor conditions are staggering.

"Thousands of people literally thousands of people in exactly the same condition," said Brittain. "You want to offer them some hope but it is a hopeless situation."

The team set up thousands of 5-gallon water purification systems, but thousands are still without homes, and without even food and water.

"There's such a great need," said Brittain. "Housing is destroyed. There's no government to rebuild."

His hope is that their act of compassion will somehow ease the people's suffering one meal and one cup of water at a time.

"Any act of kindness any act of compassion, the people were so grateful for it," said Brittain. "They wanted to be close to someone that cared a little bit for them."

Brittain says the another big problem is Haiti's infrastructure or lack thereof. They are scheduled to return to Haiti, but no date has been set.

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