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Azalea Trail kicks off, but when will the flowers arrive?


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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - For many East Texans the Tyler Azalea Trail marks the unofficial start of Spring. Friday, the Trail kicked off its 51st year.

But, so far, the blooms are few and far between along most of the trail.

The event that brings $2.3 million to the Tyler area is now up against mother nature, and this year's Azalea Trail could be a little bit harder to find.

An extended winter has turned finding the beautiful Azaleas into a scavenger hunt. Most buds on bushes are still shut tight, waiting for warmer temperatures. Near downtown Tyler a few lone blooms have peeked out, but nowhere close to the display featured a year ago.

"I'm not setting my hopes real high," said Justin G. Turner, the Vice President of Tyler Tourism. "That's just because I don't want to be disappointed, but I think we're going to do as well as we did last year if not better...If you're planning on coming I'd say wait until at least next weekend, maybe Easter weekend, even the weekend after, if you're having to drive in a long distance."

Forecasts have freezing temperatures hitting this weekend, but master gardeners say it only takes a couple warm days to coax the flowers from hiding.

At the Tyler Chamber of Commerce hopes are high for a great Azalea season.

Easter weekend, which draws the biggest crowds, is still two weeks away, giving the buds plenty of time to bloom.

If you are interested in visiting the Trail and want to check the status of the flowers, click here. You will find posted pictures of the flowers daily.

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