Veterans of Camp Fannin Return, Reminisce

Veterans of a past war reunite.  They're celebrating a time and place they'll never forget. Camp Fannin was an East Texas training field for a quarter million World War II soldiers.

Some of the veterans are meeting in tyler this weekend to reminisce about old times, as well as meet new friends. Camp Fannin was operated from 1943-1946 north of Tyler in an area now home to UT Health Center. A memorial to veterans will be dedicated Saturday morning. It's something they've been waiting for a long time.

John Anderson helped organize the celebration: "Probably the one thing that brought them to this 60th anniversary reunion they've been planning to have a memorial for over ten years, and some have been waiting for over sixty years to see a living memorial out there ."

Elmer Horne, Camp Fannin Veteran: "We came here for a short 13 week cycle, and we spent very little time in Tyler, so most of my love for Tyler has developed in the last six or eight years since I've gotten to know these people."

The memorial dedication is at 11 Saturday morning on the UT Health Center campus. That's on Highway 271 north of Tyler.