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Which "census" form is the right form?


By Layron Livingston - bio | email
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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Some East Texans are finding themselves elbow-deep in census paperwork--the kind that takes way more than 10 minutes to fill out.

"I thought there was only one form," said Kristy Beckham, a Tyler resident.  She got her 2010 Census form in the mail--at least she thinks it's the 2010 Census form.  "I haven't even opened mine yet," she said, laughing.

The 2010 Census form is the decennial census 120 million Americans should expect in the mail.

But the U.S. Census Bureau will also mail out about 3 million American Community Surveys this year.  The bureau randomly selects the households who receive the surveys. 

The questions are much more, shall we say, thorough:  How much is your mortgage? How much do you pay in fire insurance, per year?  What does your spouse do for a living, and how do they actually get to work?  There are even questions about income. 

Kim Murphy, a census spokesperson, said the American Community Survey is sent out every month, as opposed to every ten years.  It's an ongoing survey that helps the government and citizens see how communities are changing.  If you get one in the mail, you have to fill it out along with the 2010 Census form.

There are also very "census-like" forms that have made to some mailboxes. 

The RNC actually commissioned a "political" census in February.  One question asks, "How much does it concern you that the Democrats have total control of the federal government?"

There is also a question that asks for financial contributions, including a space to include your credit card information.  The form was sent as a way to raise money for the GOP--perfectly, legal, too.

The big difference among the RNC "census" and the government-sanctioned census forms is that the government forms will never ask you to include a credit card number, or any other secure, financial information, or Social Security Numbers. 

Census forms are only delivered through the mail.  Some will be hand delivered to rural households.  

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