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Hundreds turn out for East Texas job fair

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - They turned out by the hundreds: job hunting East Texans meeting dozens of area employers in hopes of making a match.

In an economy continuing to struggle, the Tyler Job Fair proved to prospective employees job openings are still out there. There was no shortage of hopeful handshakes. The possibility of a paycheck is impacting those on both sides of the tables.

"[You get a] kind of nervous feeling makes your knees knock a little," laughed Karen Allen.

"It is a little overwhelming that many people coming at you at one time," said Melanie Tate.

Twenty businesses in one room took on hundreds of job hunting East Texans.

"They're real informative and they really put you at ease," said Karen Allen.

Recruiter Pat Bell finally saw more than resumes, talking to prospective employees.

"We get an idea of the applicants that are out there - what applicants are truly interested in working in a call center," explained Bell.

The hopeful looks she faced - ones she saw in the mirror just months ago.

"January 11th I was laid off," said Bell.

Jobless in Houston, Bell says an open mind made a difference.

"The reality is, if you are not able to be flexible and move and relocate, then that's going to cut your job market in half," said Bell.

"Things aren't turning around, maybe not in actual numbers yet, they're getting there, but the main thing is the attitude is totally different and much more positive," said Chris Custer with Snelling Staffing.

Custer says the 4th quarter of 2009 was a stagnant one, leaving job hunters waiting.

"Businesses are more reluctant to jump back in with a full term placement or someone who is going to have a lot of additional benefits invested," added Custer.

The good news? Temporary agencies say more part time jobs translate to more full time...eventually.

"Companies are indeed hiring more people," said Custer. "There are more jobs becoming available."

Employment agencies say specific fields looking to hire right now include jobs in administrative, clerical, and any type of medical services.

If you did nor get a chance to attend the fair that is OK. Click here to find jobs in East Texas or across the country, and pick up some helpful employment tips as well.

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