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County, city teaming up to combat feral hogs

RUSK COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - Beavers and feral hogs are a serious problem in many counties of East Texas, and residents of Rusk County can apply to have them trapped free of charge.

Jimmy Patrick a land owner with fields ravaged by wild hogs says, "The hogs have messed up all this land here so bad that I can't mow with my ‘brush hog'."

Wildlife technician, Corey Sims, removes the costly pests for county land owners that grant access to Sims to place traps on their property. "We review what's going on, and they show me what kind of problem that they have, so I can verify that it is a wildlife problem. Whatever I need to do, I will tell you in advance. As the wildlife population increases so does the damage."

At a bridge over a small creek, Sims talks about the damage that beavers can cause the Texas Department of Transportation budgets for highway maintenance. "The water was six feet higher than it is now. I came in here and knocked a hole  through the dam to get the water level down. For the past eight months working with TxDot we have saved roughly over a million dollars just by removing the animals from the area."

Sims says that after the animals are captured, the landowner can arrange to either donate the meat or it can be disposed of on their land if room permits. If the land is inside the city limits of Henderson, Sims will take the animal away.

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